I have been preparing food for people who need “Food Angels” ( are ill) or those whose life journey has ended and their family needs food. I discovered that I need the process of stirring and smelling and baking and to nurture those whose hearts are sore. It is a practical service = plus it gives me an excuse to do the “Janine Thing” and take a little piece of home, wherever. I love to bake and to care. And to eat. It is a win-win all the way around.

I just had a special visit with a woman who has breast cancer and I could hear her ask as I went into the room “Who is the Angel that has brought food?” This was a perfect sageway into a discussion of Angels and Dreams and Holy mysteries that we do not understand. I was surprised at how much the visit meant to me. Who ministered to whom? Perhaps the “Angel Food” and the visit was really meant to nurture me, not the other way around. A fact which has just come to consciousness and encourages me in this form of service.

When I got home I began once again to prepare food only this time for a family whose grandfather had just died. On his way to being an Angel? Many of his friends and family probably would imagine this to be so.  Again, it is a mystery. The only way that we would know for sure would be in the dream where we meet many mysteries and symbols that should force us to wonder.

Speaking of food and angels, Angel Food cake has been a family birthday cake for at least 3 generations in my mother’s side of the family. It is simply not a true birthday if Angel Food (cake) is not served…starting with the candles and the Happy Birthday song. My grandmother always made Angel Food cakes for her family and from what I remember, these were served to her. Since I was privelged to spend many happy hours with her, I feel sure that she is an Angel. She always was to me and my brother and sister. Why should that role change when she simply moved to heaven?

Kitchen Theology can be a good thing. The task of sifting, stirring, baking, and yes, tasting forces my senses to work together to produce something wonderful as well as allow my brain to gather new thoughts about God, about our spirituality and our souls. Whether the baked goods go to an “Angel” needing care or those whose family member is now in-line for promotion to heaven, or to simply care for my own heart when it needs encouragement it does not matter. Angel Food does not add many calories. It is well worth the effort and definitely provides extra nourishment for our hearts.

Copyright 2014. Janine C. Hagan.